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Rec Set: MORE JOY!

sdwolfpup has declared January 10th, 2008 More Joy Day, and frankly, I couldn't agree with her more (not least since her vids give me joy on a regular basis, though I've tried to weed out my very favourites *g*). So, slipping it in just under the wire, here are some recs for the vids and fics that make me flail and squee every time, that have a grin factor of +!, that, in short, give me joy. I hope they do the same to you.


Multifandom: I Enjoy Being A Girl, by absolutedestiny. My ultimate pick-me-up when I'm feeling blue (and not very full of confidence), it's literally about how much chicks kick ass, and it's beautiful, full of cheer and stunningly edited on top of that.

Due South: You Can Call Me, by sdwolfpup. This has so many things going on - there's a lot of great discussion in the comments - but all you need to know is that it's about Ray Vecchio, and Ray Kowalski, and Fraser, and how all of them interact with the world and each other, and it's completely lovely.

ST-NG: Footloose, by sdwolfpup. Picard/Q (no, really! It's totally canon!); scroll down for it (and, um, see above. *g*). The Picard/Q relationship is so weird and hilarious and full of unexpected chemistry, and this vid brings out the dynamic in all its slashy glory. See Q seduce Jean-Luc! See Picard resist with all his might! See hijinks ensue!

Star Wars: The Boy in the Bubble, by jmtorres. The original trilogy is just a kick-ass series of films, and all for one reason: they had heart. Huge, wide-eyed, boundless heart that couldn't be crushed or drowned in CGI, and the result was world-changing. jmtorres showcases that indefatigable optimism in one great widescreen package. Miracle and wonder indeed.

SGA: Welcome Home, by permetaform. This is the very first vid I ever downloaded, and I only know now how freakin' lucky I was. It's first-season Atlantis, back when it was all new and shiny to us, and permetaform does amazing things with her editing to capture this sweeping sense of motion that never stops. It's gorgeously made, and full an amazing sense of discovery, hope, and home - all the things that make the SGA universe such a wonderful place to spend time in. Also, it's a great Elizabeth vid, and how many of those do you see every day?


SGA: Linguistics, by stillane - John/Rodney, 6000 words. This isn't angst-free, I'm warning you, but that's because it's all about John's complete inability to talk about his feelings and the galaxy's conspiracy to make him open up. This is it's own genre in SGA, of course, and part of why we adore John Sheppard so damn much, but - honestly, this story gets me every damn time. It's got hurt, it's got comfort, it's got emotional constipation and moderately manly longing, and above all, it's got John and Rodney being so very John and Rodney. <3

Supernatural: Leader of the Pack, by astolat. Sam/Dean, 14000 words. Okay, Sam defeats the Crossroads demon - that's beside the point. What happens then is that, all of a sudden, Sam and Dean find themselves in charge of six slobbering, attention-starved, mostly-obedient hellhounds, and it is awesome. You should really check out the accompanying artwork, which is hilarious and gorgeous.

Heroes: Dreaming, by selenak. I love reading selenak's meta and reviews of Heroes, full as they are of amazing insights, and her fic is much the same - a lot of great character study, though tending towards the dark tones of the show. This fic is a little different - it's set while Molly's trapped in her nightmares by Maury Parkman, and uses the dreamscape to amazing effect; it takes elements of fairytale and applies them to the characters of Heroes, with a deft touch that's reminiscent of Niel Gaiman. The way the heroes are each presented is brilliant, and throughout, you've got Molly's smarts, her hope and bravery, and of course, the hero coming to rescue her. It's gorgeous.

Due South: Mangy Dog, by cesperanza. Fraser/RayK, medium-long. I loved the narrative trick of this story - well, not narrative trick exactly, it's just great writing. Because, while the story is about Ray and Fraser sitting in the snow waiting for Diefenbaker, the mangy dog of the title could be any of the three of them, and the fact that they've all found each other and gotten this far just makes your heart glow.

House: Observations, by rageprufrock. House/Wilson, short. I'm a sucker for the outside perspective, and domesticity, and the mental image of Wilson sitting barefoot on House's floor, trying patiently (and pointlessly) to detach his DVD player from House's TiVo. It's a short but wonderfully in-character piece.

SGA: A Whole World of Trouble, by sheafrotherdon. John/Rodney, 9000 words. The AU where John's a country singer, and oh my God, there are so few writers who could pull this off with such panache. The sense of place is incredible, full of warm, lovely OCs, tender romance, and a soundtrack you can download if you're not ashamed of a little light Country. And, of course, it's perfectly in-character, and full of glowy goodness.

Smallville: Identity, by lanning. Clark/Lex, series. Ah, Smallville - like Enterprise, it was better slashed than seen, but what slash! This is an amazing, epic, multi-part AU where Lex gets cloned, and the clone replaces him, and he pretty much goes into hiding with the Kent family - and wow, the dynamics of that are fun. Plotty, slashy, heartwarming, hot, and blisteringly entertaining - it'll make you wish lanning was running the show.


God, there are so many more things I could put down here! But it's almost midnight, and you can only read so much in one sitting. Er, so I've heard. More joy, everyone! See you here next time.
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