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Blargh, I have a cold and a horrible sore throat. Entertain me, flist!

Give me a character from any fandom, tv show, movie, book you know that I know and I will tell you:
a. My favorite thing about that character.
b. My least favorite thing about that character.
c. One person I would ship them with in their own verse.
d. One crossover ship for them I think would be neat.
e. One crossover universe for them I think would be even neater.
f. Their ship from hell.
g. Their song.
h. The title of their biography or autobiography.
i. The last bad dream they had.
j. How they're gonna shuffle off the mortal coil, if they haven't already.


Insta!REC: Batter My Heart

Why Dean/Castiel?

Because this.

Spoilers through the Supernatural season finale. PG, with bonus John Donne. Go.

So, Supernatural season finale.


Um, spoilers:Collapse )
First off, I didn't actually mean to do a rec set, except I read three fics in three days that knocked my socks off and turned out to have kind of a running theme. Which leads me, incidentally, to a question:

What do you prefer?

Rec sets, so's I can gorge on a long afternoon.
Individual recommendations; one at a time, I can handle.
Really, either's good (as long as you post more than once in a blue moon).
... Actually, I tend to just skip 'em. /o\
Actually, I'm just here for YOUR fic. When were you planning on doing that, again?

I'm just going to have to hope you answered 1 or 3 on that list, because here's three stories in four fandoms about death, the afterlife, and zombies. You heard me.

A Due South post-ep: Katabasis, by ariafic - Fraser/Kowalski, 17000+ words. In which Fraser plays the part of Eurydice, Ray doesn't have a lyre but does have a bag of donuts, and the phrase "come hell or high water" is rather more literal than is normal. An awesome use of Due South's magical realism, and a great Ray voice.

A Doctor Who/Firefly crossover of DOOM: The Man With No Name, by Frostfyre - gen, 32 parts. After Journey's End, the Doctor asks the TARDIS to take him somewhere where he's needed. He winds up on Serenity, six months after the incident on Miranda, and discovers a lost civilisation, an unshielded psychic, and these horrific things called Reavers...

And once again, I save the best for last: a Watchmen fix-it fic. NO WAIT COME BACK HERE.

I know, I know: Watchmen? Fix-it? What fresh blasphemy is this? Except, the way it fixes things is with a zombie apocalypse. As I said when I commented: Rorschach is probably the only character in the history of EVER who would wind up a happier, saner person upon becoming a zombie infectee.

Now, As Before by etherati takes a really cracky concept and takes it to tonally-perfect, deconstructive heights that made me wish jealously that I'd thought of such a brilliant explanation for flesh-craving hordes of the undead. It's set in 1975, scant months before the Blaire Roche case that sent Rorschach over the edge - he's still semi-sane here - and goes AU from there. It's ostensibly Rorschach/Daniel, but only insofar as what counts as slashy for Rorschach constitutes basic human contact for anyone else; it's very restrained and mostly implied, is what I'm saying. The characterisation is great; it's a particular treat to watch Dan step up and grow bolder as the situation requires. And as I said before, I love the way the epidemic is handled.

But really, my main point is: WATCHMEN ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. Why are you still here?

REC: The Consequences of Falling

Wow, it's been an obscenely long time since I did one of these, huh?

Possibly that's because it's been an obscenely long time since a fic made me really go "NyrvhahGAH," once I'd reached the end. This is a fic like that. This is, basically, the fic I've been looking for ever since Castiel showed his pretty, sweetly befuddled face and started having seriously inappropriate amounts of sexual tension with Dean Winchester. A little Jossed now, it branches off after the Anna arc and takes a fascinating look into angels, mercy, free will and ineffability, with a lot of really smokin' porn in the middle. In a nutshell, it will make you guh and flail and flinch repeatedly and then flail again.

(Also, it's got some really gorgeous cover art.)

The Consequences of Falling by pandarus - Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, NC-17.

I am made of memes.

Name a fandom you know I know and I'll tell you:

1. The first character I first fell in love with
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now
3. The character everyone else loves that I don't
4. The character I love that everyone else hates
5. The character I used to love but don't any longer
6. The character I would shag anytime
7. The character I'd want to be like
8. The character I'd slap
9. A pairing that I love
10. A pairing that I despise.

If you're not sure, feel free to do the multiple choice thing.


Belated thanks and a meme. Yay meme!

Thank you, whoever nominated me for the McShep awards! I know I don't stand a chance, but it still makes me happy. :D

And now, because I've been wanting to do this one for ages but didn't have time, what with the travelling and all: guess the 15 OTPs! There's fifteen pairings from fifteen fandoms here; guess who's who. ETA: Correct guesses are in bold.

1. She's not a long-haired, pouty-lipped sidekick, despite her every imitator; he's destined to die of autoerotic asphyxiation, apparently. Scully/Mulder, The X-Files - adler1013 does that number in her name proud. *g*
2. As far from Charles Xavier as it's possible to be / So pretty, yet so dumb.
3. Westermarck Effect vs. ongoing trauma: trauma wins! Sam/Dean, Supernatural - stillane got it, and considering the disturbing number of pairings it could apply to...
4. Not an ancient sage / Really quite a prat. Merlin/Arthur, Merlin - Yay lavvyan!
5. It's as canonical as the sex pollen. Jack/Ianto, Torchwood - Well guessed, stillane.
6. No-one likes dogs on the furniture, especially if that furniture is a throne. Carrot/Angua, Discworld - stillane again!
7. One's a depressive alcoholic control freak; the other's about sixty years older than everyone else. Together, they fight crime! Tony Stark/Steve Rogers, The Avengers - pennyplainknits and stillane both got this.
8. Gayest. Baseball. Ever. Chad/Ryan, Hish School Musical - pennyplainknits, on a roll.
9. Like Smithers and Mr. Burns, if they wore a lot of skintight black leather. And it was exactly that weird.
10. Night terrors and dementia. Awww!
11. He could tell her he's back from the dead, but that would just ruin his exit. Spike/Buffy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer - A winner is liliaeth!
12. Like Superman/Batman, if it was a) canon and b) involved a lot less ethical handwringing. Apollo/Midnighter, The Authority - adler1013 again! I didn't think anyone was going to get this.
13. Not cousins. Shut up, Wolfgang Petersen.
14. Thanks for ruining my movie experience, Joss. Zoe/Wash, Firefly - A hat trick for stillane and pennyplainknits! \o/
15. Captain Fucking Magic / Now go. Vanish. Harry Lockhart/Perry Van Shrike, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - stillane, in the lead with five six!

ETA2: And that appears to be it. Unguessed pairings were: #2, Matt/Mohinder, Heroes; #9, Scorpius/Braca, Farscape; #10, Alan/Denny, Boston Legal; and the infernal #13, Achilles/Patroclus, The Iliad. Thank you for playing, people who were just as bored as me!


REC: Atonement

I have no goddamn idea how this works, but oh my God, it does. I think I blame the excellent writing.

Atonement by gekizetsu is a long (25000+ words), plotty Supernatural/Avengers mashup that combines the SPN mythos (and Castiel! Yay Castiel!) with some fantastic hybrid of the New Avengers lineup c. 2005 and the Iron Man movieverse, and seriously, it works so ridiculously well. But whatever: basically, the Avengers are rather horribly and suddenly introduced to the concept of demons via one that possesses Captain America, and events spiral out from there. My only caveat is that it leaves you wanting even more, since there seems to be so damn much she could do with this premise. Steve/Tony, and do heed the warnings because some parts are... unpleasant, but in a very well-handled and plot-appropriate way.

Whether or not she continues in this particular universe, I do hope to see more Avengers stuff from this author, because judging by this she's got a lot of awesome to give. Hooray for random link-clicking!

REC: Rewind, Reboot, Restore

Okay, you know how I said SGA and I had broken up? Well, it was very sudden. I mean, I'd felt my attention waning for a while, but I'd just thought it was that periodic fannish magpie-behavior there I'd look for other shiny fandoms to turn over before flying back to my comfy stargate-shaped nest. To abandon this metaphor before it gets too silly: I went from absolutely OMG having to read every new SGA story that appeared on my flist to feeling too apathetic to read any of them pretty much overnight. I still don't know quite what happened. I mean, I think until today, it had been maybe two months since I read an SGA story that was more than 500 words. Jesus, I just looked back and realised I haven't even recced an SGA story since April. My point is: I may have broken up with the show, but I think that fic-wise, I may have just gotten my second wind.

Rewind, Reboot, Restore by rheanna27 is a three-part exploration of the massive gulf of distance between the Rodney McKay of 48 Hours and the McKay we know and (grudgingly) love, via some Ancient thingamajig that erases seven years of Rodney's memory and turns him back into the unlikeable punk of 2000; it explores this from John Sheppard's horrified perspective, and it's as much about how his brain works as it is about Rodney's. The characterisation is note-perfect and really intriguing, and the last part turned me into a teary, jellified bundle of mush, which, given that I have well and truly broken up with this show, was no mean feat. Or maybe it just reminded me that SGA fandom's as awesome as ever it was. Whatever. Go, read, and remind yourself just why you love these people.


Nevertheless, I have thrown my hat into the smaller and less intimidating ring: I just signed up to wrisomifu. Even though I don't know what I could possibly write yet. I can't think of any fandoms I'm particularly comfortable writing in, as I've never been more than a small dabbler in producing fanfic - SGA and I broke up months ago; my new mistress, Avengers, is kind of deeply intimidating, and the other shows I really love (namely SPN and Merlin) don't seem to cry out for stories.

However, that is the talk of pussies, as this is the month of Write Something You Miserable Fuck and I am clearly making excuses before I've even begun; thus, I will make fandoms cry out for stories (and beg for mercy!). If I mangle Marvel canon, well, so have the actual writers and basically anything I do to Iron Man can only be an improvement at this point. Hell, maybe it's time to bust out that "Marvel Adventures: Avengers is really the happy fluffy cloud heaven for beleagured 616 heroes" theory. Supernatural has no shortage of awesome creepy potential - I could make something vaguely based around The Ryme of the Ancient Mariner, as it's still stuck in my head, as is an article I recently read about the USS Indianapolis disaster (in Empire magazine, of all places), and that may make for an awesome combination - bonus points for use of a Collossal Squid. Merlin is a slash goldmine, and likewise has no shortage of potential, what with the fantasy kitchen sink they're doing - and oh, God, hey! Merlin/Captain Britain and MI-13 crossover, Y/Y? I say a most fervent Y!

Obviously, I will probably not succeed in writing half the aforementioned stories, or maybe even any of them. But I will write, even if all I manage are vague original story outlines and supervillain shopping lists, and I promise, if it's fannish and remotely worth reading, I will put it up here, so you all may point and laugh at the miserable fuck that will be me for the next month. Hey, semester's over - I need something to do.